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Introducing The Dedica Anthology: a new brand in luxury hôtellerie.

Unveiled in April 2018, The Dedica Anthology is a collective of contemporary-minded hotels that occupy exceptional landmark buildings in key European cities.

Our hotels
There are six hotels within The Dedica Anthology, each individually named to reinforce its unique personality and sense of place. They are: Palazzo Naiadi in Rome; Grand Hotel dei Dogi in Venice; New York Palace in Budapest and Carlo IV in Prague. Palazzo Gaddi in Florence and Hotel Plaza in Nice are currently under development, due to reopen late 2020. There are two associate properties: Hotel Bellini in Venice and the New York Residence in Budapest. 

About our brand
We believe that travelling is about living in the moment and allowing it to change us. This happens when we discover the wonderment of belonging, surrounded by the people who make the place, and a feeling that there is nowhere else we would rather be.
The Dedica Anthology is a collective of places where people want to be and return. It is a vibrant haven of world-class hospitality, an upbeat blend of details and rituals with a subtly Italian attitude – for the inspired and the inspiring. It is for discerning, curious, contemporary-minded travellers, for whom discovery is about people as well as places.
Underpinned by values of authenticity, curiosity and open-mindedness, The Dedica Anthology is the promise of curated, contemporary hôtellerie. 

About our name
Our brand name is composed of two parts. The Italian word 'dedica' (deriving from the Latin dedicare: to dedicate) implies devoting one's time to a particular purpose or assigning a work of art in someone's honour – reflecting the sense of curation that is an intrinsic part of the brand, along with its focus on millennial-minded guests. As a noun, a 'dedica' is the handwritten, bespoke note that an author will pen on a book for a particular reader. We draw from this our dedication to making a personal difference to a guest's experience of a city. The choice of 'anthology' as a companion describes the collection of unique stories represented by each of our hotels and their guests.

Our company and CEO
A luxury hospitality brand that is also a champion for Italy, The Dedica Anthology is headquartered in Milan and led by the renowned hotelier Stephen Alden on behalf of its investors, Värde Partners and Deutsche Bank.

For further information on the new brand and our exciting development plans, or to arrange an interview with Stephen Alden, please contact our press office at press.office@dahotels.com.

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