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Introducing The Dedica Anthology



The Dedica Anthology is a new brand in luxury hôtellerie, born out of the passionate belief that travelling should be a presence, not an absence. It is a collective of places where people want to be – and return. It is a vibrant haven of world-class hospitality with a subtly Italian attitude – for the inspired and the inspiring. It is for discerning, curious, contemporary-minded travellers, for whom discovery is about people as well as places.

Underpinned by values of authenticity, curiosity and open-mindedness, The Dedica Anthology is a vibrant part of a city, an upbeat blend of details and rituals and a charming storyteller, powered by people with a mastery of hospitality and a human touch. It is the promise of curated, contemporary hôtellerie.

We believe that travelling is about living in the moment and allowing it to change us. This happens when we step into the unknown and discover the wonderment of belonging, surrounded by the people who make the place and the feeling that there is nowhere else we would rather be.

Welcome to The Dedica Anthology.